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India is already a Technology Super Power…as it prepares to step up a gear, imagine what’s coming next

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Over the past year the Subcontinent’s IT Services Sector has grown to $181 Billion, making up nearly 45% of total service exports and contributing 7.7% to GDP: and as if…

It’s not all Beijing and Brexit …India’s Markets are forging ahead too

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Immediately after UK General Election results were announced last month, the market valuation of Britain’s leading companies rose by nearly £50 Billion: a paper increase big enough to give £830…

A Game of Two Halves…With 2020 dawning, you just have to know where to look

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So this is 2020… The new decade dawns with welcome confirmation that for the first time in its history zero-carbon energy became the UK’s biggest source of electricity generation last…

India gets an early Christmas Present…and it may well be the gift that keeps on giving

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India currently has 11.09 Million vacant housing units, accounting for almost half the number of properties currently being rented out in the subcontinent’s ferociously expanding urban hinterlands. So it's a…