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India reinvents blockchain for the 21st century

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Imagine the Government had decided to ban rubber, wheels and petrol and then immediately announced a funding initiative to produce more cars: we might rightly take the view its policy…
Modular Construction

India is building a new modular construction paradigm

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Mark Twain had nothing bad to say about the service at Watson’s Esplanade Hotel in what was then Bombay: his gripe was about quantity, the sheer volume of white suited,…

Indian Real Estate and Habitat Home Furnishings

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Nirmala Sitharaman must have been having a bleak Christmas: selling home furnishings at Habitat on Regent Street and this was 1990, London was gripped by a property driven recession and…

A Threshold Moment …DLT, Blockchain and India’s Digital Revolution

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The entire text of India’s Regulation of Digital Currency Bill was leaked last month before it even reached the Prime Minister’s Desk, and if form is anything to go by…