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Amazon’s latest investment in Hyderabad

Mr Bezos goes to Hollywood… by way of Hyderabad

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Mr Bezos goes to Hollywood… by way of Hyderabad Amazon started out with Jeff Bezos selling books from his mum and dad’s garage and he warned his investors that there…

The Future is Blockchain…”A Unique Opportunity for India to Take the Lead”

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With all too obvious shades of George Orwell and Jackboots, a new “Control Commission” was never going to be a runner for India, so when the Orwellian sounding Independent Evaluation…

The Trouble with REITS…Making on the Carry is fraught with danger, but India has the answers

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Two Loans don’t make a REIT: you need more than that to make this vehicle fire on all cylinders because the problem with REITs is they’re especially vulnerable to fluctuations…

Look at what the Government’s doing, not what it says

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India’s Electronics and IT Minister, Sanjay Dhotre, has confirmed his Government is bracing itself for another step towards a fully regulated Blockchain economy with publication of its latest Policy Paper: The National Level…