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Why India is still on track

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As Philip Hammond is about to find out, the end for any Chancellor of the Exchequer is rarely other than nasty, sharp and brutal. When Hugh Dalton was sacked for…

From Cannonballs to E-Mails… The next leap forward is Blockchain

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Like a lot of tourists, Walter Raleigh brought cigarettes back from America but he came home too with a simple if quirky question: what’s the best way of stacking cannonballs…

Blockchain… it’s never been easier to predict its future in India’s financial markets

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“The iPhone will get no significant market share…no chance”: step forward Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft and creator of quite possibly the worst market prediction ever. But it’s not…

Is Costain the next Carillion?

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In 1865 Richard Costain persuaded his brother in law to take the boat to Liverpool, setting up business as jobbing builders and undertakers, and the company they founded went on…