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Prohibitions only delay change… India’s Blockchain Revolution is now inevitable

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“Making prohibitions work is like getting water to run uphill, it's against the law of nature”: so said Milton Friedman, father of modern markets and bête noir of any government…

Unicorns are feeling at home in India… And India’s making sure it stays that way

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Cowboy Ventures is one of the very few Venture Capital Funds to be headed (and founded) by a woman: the redoubtable Aileen Lee, best known for coining the term ‘Unicorn’…

No Siberian Ducks were harmed in the making of this economy…India’s new climate of compliance

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Sukhna Lake is man made and stunningly beautiful: nestling in the foothills of the Himalayas, it was created by le Corbusier (no less), who prohibited motorboats from using the waterways…

Good things come in fours…Blockchain and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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You might have missed the Second and Third and none of us were around for the First, but the World Economic Forum is currently focusing its considerable energies and resources…