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Look at what the Government’s doing, not what it says

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India’s Electronics and IT Minister, Sanjay Dhotre, has confirmed his Government is bracing itself for another step towards a fully regulated Blockchain economy with publication of its latest Policy Paper: The National Level…

A Scattering of Bricks and Girders…The Indian Government is stiffening some spines

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A Power Station that’s only nine-tenths built is nothing but a scattered pile of bricks and girders and the occasional builder looking for somewhere to plug in a kettle: all…

Pandrah Minats of Fame…India’s Real Estate has its Minsky Moment

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Hyman Minsky finally got his fifteen minutes of fame – what Wall Street came to call “the Minsky Moment”- when everything he said about the instability of a sliced and…

Another Year, another Union Budget…A Tweak and a Tune will do for India’s Economy

| India, News, United Kingdom | No Comments
Its that time of year again…another Union Budget, and in the wake of seemingly unremitting IMF grumbling and post-Christmas chill, it’s time to find out if India’s economy needs a…