Welcome to the Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc 2019 Annual Quiz!

Have you got a spare few minutes to be in with a chance of winning a FREE pair of cufflinks worth £30 pounds? Hurry, there is only 250 prizes to giveaway.

How to play

Playing is simple, every question has one correct answer.

How to win the prize

To win the prize, you need to get a score of 7 or above. If you score lower than 7 you will unfortunately not qualify for the free prize.

Claiming your prize

Receiving your prize is simple… fill in your details in the form provided and we will post your cufflinks to you within 14 working days. Claiming your free cufflinks is subject to availability, after we have given away all 250 cufflinks the quiz and prize giving will finish. Please note this quiz is specifically for UK participants, anyone located outside of the UK will not be to take part.

Compliance with data protection

After completing the quiz, if you score 7 or more and qualify for the free prize you will be required to fill out the form provided. The form requires a valid email address and home address so that we can post your prize to you. As part of our compliance with GDPR, we do not share your data with third parties and will only use your data for marketing purposes if you have opted in to receive marketing communications with us. You will regardless receive a confirmation email that confirms you have successfully won the prize and that your prize will be delivered to you shortly.