Single Companies

We have developed a proprietary incubation process through which we invest our own capital in specifically chosen projects that meet our stringent selection criteria for entry and rollout in India.

Below is an introduction to our projects.

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We offer white labelled listed or unlisted funds, bonds and other financial instruments for companies that have their own strategy and distribution network and do not wish to take on the regulatory burden. We take care of the structuring, drafting of the offer document, regulatory approval, listing and issuing of the offer document. Our listed products are suitable for investment from occupational pension schemes, SIPPs, SSASs, QROPS etc.

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Experience the world’s first carbon neutral hotel brand.


See the world’s largest and India’s First Steel Modular Buildings Factory.

Private Equity Fund

Making Impact Investments in Growth and Emerging Markets

Real Estate Fund

Investing in energy efficient, carbon neutral buildings in Growth & Emerging Markets


Investing, incubating and establishing wind farms in emerging markets


World’s first cross border crowdfunding platform