Our investment products are structured to reflect the two pillars of our investment strategy: Growth Markets and Mainstream Impact Investment. We take advantage of our Anglo-Indian experience, network and resources to ensure that our products benefit both the UK and Indian economy. Our products are divided into two categories: Direct investment in projects, and indirect investment through our funds. The choice of the type of product will dependent on your personal circumstances. The projects we invest in are structured around exporting well established products, services and technology from the United Kingdom and other western economies to Growth Markets such as India, using best practice and compliance models to give added resilience and assurance on the subsequent deployment of funds.

Single Companies

We have developed a proprietary incubation process through which we invest our own capital in specifically chosen projects that meet our stringent selection criteria for entry and rollout in India.

Below is an introduction to our projects.

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Experience the world’s first carbon neutral hotel brand.


See the world’s largest and India’s First Steel Modular Buildings Factory.


Investing, incubating and establishing wind farms in emerging markets


World’s first cross border crowdfunding platform