Every day across the world we are facing new and ever more complex challenges; challenges that require us to deal with constantly shifting world markets whilst at the same time trying to grapple with the persistent threats posed by global warming, water scarcity and income disparity. And it feels more and more that the old economic certainties no longer have all the answers; they lack the right values, the scale of ambition needed to unlock long term, sustainable answers to these complex issues.

But in their place, new social and economic forces are now at work, creating innovative practices and a new way of doing business which will reduce the environmental impact of production and favour businesses that are well governed for the long term; businesses which are still ‘demand led’ but which are much less disruptive of communities and the environment.

And of course we’re aiming to create growth for our clients at competitive rates, but we want to achieve that growth by investing in business models that break the old link between economic growth and environmental destruction. Businesses that understand the negative consequences of their activities and then act to mitigate them will be more resilient over the long term; meaning they’re much more likely to do better in the short term too, and that means a better investment for our clients.

The majority of the challenges we face globally can be attributed to the negative impact of businesses operating in mainstream markets. 

These markets are dependent on the wider society and that wider society is, in turn, critically dependant on our global environment. So the greatest possible impact for positive change, the greatest scope for an effective and robust response to the challenges we face today will come through interventions in those mainstream markets.

That’s why we’re committed to Mainstream Impact Investment.

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