We are an asset management company specialising in investments in India. We are owned by founding directors and employees and passionate about creating wealth responsibly.
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We invest in projects that are topical to the Indian economy, have the potential for steady income and multiple capital growth.
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We are a Mainstream Impact Investment Company and we follow the principles of the Triple P Bottomline. We are owned by founding directors and employees and passionate about creating wealth, responsibly.
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About Red Ribbon

Times are changing. It feels that the old economic certainties no longer have all the answers; still less the values and scale of ambition needed to provide long term, sustainable solutions. But now new social and economic forces are taking their place: creating innovative business practices, a new way of doing business that reduces environmental impact and favours companies that are well governed for the long term, companies that are much less disruptive of communities and society. We want to be part of that process.

At Red Ribbon we are supporting businesses that meet this new paradigm; businesses that do all these things do well.

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Invest In India

Growth Markets are those developing economies across the world that individually account for more than 2% of Global GDP; they are increasingly the engine room for long-term economic growth and it is simply impossible to ignore them when planning a well-balanced investment portfolio. But that’s not all. Mainstream Impact Investment strategies can also generate unique synergies in a Growth Market: solid financial returns with sustainable environment and social outputs that would be impossible to achieve in a mature market.

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