• India is now the fastest growing large economy in the world.
  • Its rapidly growing population is predicted to overtake China by 2022, and become the largest in the world.
  • The population is not just growing, but it is changing as well.
  • The population is becoming wealthier, and is flocking to the cities, creating the largest urbanisation programme ever seen.
  • In turn this is creating huge consumer demand for properties, infrastructure and technology.

Government Support

In recent years under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the government has been decisive in its support of business and the economy.

These changes include a uniform tax regime across all of India, the introduction of an affordable housing programme, and unprecedented public infrastructure programmes.

This includes 83,677 kilometres of new road being built over the next 5 years (The UK’s motorway network is a little over 3000 kilometres). Major developments are also being undertaken in ports, rail infrastructure, Metro links and renewable energy.

World leading computer technology

India is now recognised as a technology powerhouse.

Not only is the population increasingly IT literate, but India is seen as a leader in IT development.

A global trading hub

Major international companies are now moving to India, to both invest and participate in this unprecedented expansion. Companies such as Boeing, Fiat and Samsung.

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