Why Invest in Growth Markets?

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Growth Markets are more than just an exciting investment opportunity, they are also a driver to global economic growth and that’s why at Red Ribbon we believe that no investment portfolio can be properly balanced unless at least 10% of its assets are invested in Growth Markets.

Economical & Ecological – Eco Hotels’ Jay Krishnan discusses their ‘one-of-a-kind’ business model

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Jay Krishnan, CEO of Eco Hotels talks to Proactive’s Andrew Scott about the company’s strategy and market opportunities.

”The fundamental offering to guests is clean, comfortable, safe and dependable accommodation. One of the things that differentiates us from the rest of the business is that we do a 24 hour check-in, 23 hour stay with a one hour turnaround”.

Introduction to Red Ribbon Asset Management

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We are an Impact Investment company that incubates scalable projects in growth markets, with an initial focus on India. We export established products, services and technology from the UK and other western economies, by taking best practices to markets where great opportunities exist.

Eco Hotels- The World’s First Carbon Neutral Hotel Brand

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Eco Hotels UK Plc is the world’s first carbon neutral premium value hotel brand of its kind. Eco Hotel’s vision is to create a £1 billion premium value hotel brand that supports sustainable hospitality without compromising on standards.
We offer the opportunity to be part of a high growth sector within hospitality in one of the fastest growing markets- India. Eco Hotels is designed to deliver both- income and capital growth to investors looking to create an asset backed investment portfolio.
We are launching on Crowdbnk soon so stay tuned!

Red Ribbon

At Red Ribbon we understand that the transition towards a resilient global economy will be led by well-governed businesses in mainstream markets, striving to reduce the environmental impact of their production processes on society at large and on the environment as well.