Red Ribbon Asset Management is a boutique asset management company that specialises in the Indian market. It is a market that is a huge, and where potential is now being fulfilled.


Founded in 2007, we now employ over 100 people, with a wealth of experience in asset management and the industries that we invest in.


Because of this expertise on the ground in India, as well as the UK, we are able to identify and manage unique investment opportunities that are related to the economic needs of India.

For the projects that we invest in we have developed a unique model for business incubation and development.

When considering a project we assess scalability, FDI restrictions, sector risks, market size, competition, availability of human capital and more. All our projects merit from technical and economic viability by a range of independent sources.

1. Identifying the opportunity

2. Appoint leadership

Post due diligence we identify an industry leader from the relevant sector to head the project as CEO. The appointment is based on the candidate’s track record, a shared vision and their ability to establish, grow and list an enterprise.

We use our own capital to progress each project through each early stage gestation milestone, making the project “Finance ready” by determining a clear management plan and a significantly reduced risk profile.

3. Finance ready

4. Investment ready

Projects are made investment ready by developing a prototype or generating interest in the sector. We prepare financial analysis and a comprehensive market study for Phase II funding by institutional investors, family offices and HNWIs.

Post investment, continuous asset management is carried out through a controlling board presence, ensuring timely delivery of the business plan by the appointed CEO.

5. Ongoing performance management

6. Exit

Potential exits for investors range from a listing on LSE (UK) or NSE (India), sale to a trade buyer or an institution or a buyout by Red Ribbon (Phase III funding).

We have seperate management teams for each of the projects that we invest in, as well as an overall management team for the Group.

Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc

Suchit Punnose

CEO & Founder

Arvid Pedersen


Paul Rodker


Prem Pasricha


Zulfi Khan



Suchit Punnose

CEO & Founder

Aditya Kanoria


Arvid Pedersen

Non Executive Director

Paul Rodker

Non Executive Director



Bruce Elliott-Smith

Head of Global Distribution

Deyna Kay

Research Associate

Maria Balandina

Senior Associate

Paul Fallon

Head of Research



Quentin Boasso


Raul Sanchis Fortea

Social Media Manager

Sarah Williams

Head of Marketing

Snehal Kajar

Accounts Administrator



Victoria Mcdonald

EA to Suchit Punnose

Vishal Puri

Accounts Manager

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