At Red Ribbon we understand that the transition towards a resilient global economy will be led by well-governed businesses in mainstream markets, striving to reduce the environmental impact of their production processes on society at large and on the environment as well.  And the prospects for that successful transition have never looked better with a perfect storm of political, economic and social forces now converging to create the ideal conditions for well-governed businesses to prosper. We aim to capitalise on the opportunities this creates by identifying and fostering businesses that are adapting best to the challenge of creating a resilient, more sustainable economy for the long term.

And we know just what we’re looking for too.

We work painstakingly to identify projects that best meet these criteria, projects that will also create wealth for our clients at competitive rates, and we do it by applying a framework process which combines rigorous financial analysis with a detailed investigation of the project’s sustainability; we take into account a much broader range of factors affecting performance and that gives us a more robust basis for our investment decisions because we’re choosing to invest in businesses that succeed because they’re working to reduce their environmental impact; not those which see sustainability as an exercise in compliance: businesses that succeed because of what they do, not in spite of it.

Assets are invested in three cutting edge sectors: Real Estate, Construction and Renewable Energy, each of which is overseen by a dedicated team of specialists headed by a recognised leader in the field. And we always invest in scalable projects that can readily adopt rigorous United Kingdom compliance and regulatory standards.

Red Ribbon is committed to creating wealth responsibly by aligning financial portfolios with our values; and we are giving a mandate to our investors who share in those values.

Red Ribbon Board of Directors

Suchit Punnose

CEO & Founder

Arvid Pedersen


Paul Rodker


Prem Pasricha


Zulfi Khan


Suchit Punnose

CEO & Founder

Aditya Kanoria


Arvid Pedersen

Non Executive Director

Paul Rodker

Non Executive Director

Vishal Puri

Accounts Manager

Snehal Kajar

Accounts Administrator

Quentin Boasso

Business Development Manager

Maria Balandina

Senior Associate

Sunil Chopra

CEO Carter Savoy

Victoria Mcdonald

EA to Suchit Punnose

Anthony Efionayi

Sales Manager Newhomescrowd

Errol Alexander

Property Consultant Newhomescrowd

Bridgette Chalu

Property Consultant Newhomescrowd

Sherry Claridge

Head of Client Relations Carter Savoy

Sophie Phillpotts-Dowding

Head of Interior Design - Phillpotts Dowding

Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding

Head of Fashion - Phillpotts Dowding

Deyna Kay

Research Associate

Sarah Williams

Head of Marketing Point Marketing

Supporting Young British Talent

Supporting Young British Talent is an investment programme set up in 2014 where we identify young, talented persons and invest in them by setting up a new business in which they are given a significant stake. Besides the high risk capital that we invest in these young people, we also provide ongoing mentoring to train them in the various aspects of setting up and running a business and enable strategic alliances with companies within our network. The ultimate objective is to give young people a chance, which they otherwise will not get and develop these businesses to export their products and services overseas with the British label.

The first investment under this programme is Phillpotts Dowding Limited, where we have selected twin sisters Sophie and Natasha Phillpotts-Dowding as the young talent to support. Sophie does bespoke interior design and Natasha does bespoke fashion for men and women. The objective here is to develop a twin branding concept around the sisters and to develop a brand identity that offers cutting edge design. By combining interior design and fashion, Phillpotts Dowding is able to offer specialist services to the hospitality industry where the uniform and interior design are congruous and enables the hotel or restaurant or bar to enhance their client experience.
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So at Red Ribbon we understand sustainable investment means investing for the future, and there is no better benchmark of that commitment than our continuing support for young businessmen and women. We have committed to their progress through the SYBT Program because we are confident our future will be secure in their hands; and we are proud to encourage and nurture their innovation too, in the sure knowledge that it will underpin the future shape of our society, not only in the United Kingdom but in all of the markets in which Red Ribbon is investing.

Charities we Support

Consistent with the values which lie at the very heart of our business, we’re intent on giving something back to the community, so 5% of our profits are donated annually to charities not only in the United Kingdom but overseas as well in the other markets we participate in.

In addition to that, all of our projects also have a very deliberate social value built into them, we make sure they create jobs in the local community wherever possible as well as contributing to employer welfare and encouraging employee participation in the business; and that applies to us as well because employees own a significant stake in the company.

We care about what we do.